Rosa Krauss

A Cape Town-based child and family therapist

Not knowing how to help our children when they are struggling is one of the hardest things for a parent to bear. Understanding our own experiences of being parented and the impact this has on our adult lives is often an equally challenging endeavour.

I am a Cape Town-based (southern suburbs) social worker, and child and family therapist. I work with individuals, parents or the parent-child dyad, offering counselling and tailor-made parent coaching to address the social, emotional, behavioural or relationship difficulties you, your child, or your family, may be grappling with.

Using evidence-based interventions, coupled with a mindful approach and an attachment focus, I partner with clients¬†to create and implement strategies and processes that work for you and your family. From tricky toddler behaviour to awkward adolescent adjustment, or your own adult journey of sadness, ¬†“stuckness”, or conflict, I help clients through managing these difficulties with confidence, respect, and success.

I have a Masters degree in clinical social work from the University of Cape Town and over 10 years experience, including being the family therapist in the in-patient unit in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

I am registered with the South African Council of Social Service Professionals (registration number: 1025147) and my practice number, for medical aid claims, is 0539368.

I live with my partner, toddler son and cat, Jemima, in the Southern Suburbs. I love beautiful, thoughtful and well-crafted children’s toys and games, and run a small sideline business selling them.

My practice is located at 61 Belvedere Road, Claremont.

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